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Oscillo Scape Presents..

Oscillo Scape is a series of improvisatory, systems based, electronic music performance evenings that have been running since May 2016 out of Alchemix Studios in West End, Brisbane, Australia. The event has played host to wide range of artists, and garnered a following for exploratory practices that seek to extend the possibilities of electronic sound.

Oscillo Scape Presents highlights a selection of artists that have performed in the series that are exemplary of the live abstract electronic sound and music that the events seek to promote. Each act has an extensive history of presenting this type of material in a performative context and are available as a line up or individual acts. Set lengths per act can range between 30 minutes to 1 hour duration, often traversing the gamut from the beat driven tunnel of dance music to the wide open spaces of ambient and noise.

Please enquire on availability via the Contact page.


Cavern is the improvisation live electronic project of Andrew Gibbs, Matthew Prain, Pete Helskanki and Lindsay Crawford. The group and its constituting members have performed at Sonic State, World Science Festival, Brisbane Fringe Festival, Yonder as well as Jungle Love as part of the Wonky Queenslander & Mesmerism collectives.
Employing a modular configuration and generative, haptic approach to group performance, each set is a unique exploration on the technologies that have shaped the history of electronic sound and the associative possibilities of electronic music.


Oscill_Ether is a composer and musician based in Brisbane, Australia.
Primarily, live synthesizer sets are concerned with the intersection between beauty and violence, exploring frequency and textures through the use of a eurorack modular synthesizer alongside several esoteric effect devices, creating an immersive and powerful listening experience.

Lloyd W Barrett

Lloyd Barrett is an AV composer, performer, and curator active in the Brisbane experimental electronic scene since the late 90s. His focus is predominantly on generative and algorithmic works and electro-acoustic improvisation. In solo and small group contexts he has performed at a variety of experimental music venues and events including What is Music, Liquid Architecture, Mono, ElectroFringe, CreateWorld, Audiopollen, Small Black Box, Oscillo Scape and the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn.

Luke Jaaniste

Luke Jaaniste is a sound artist that works with the vibrational and spatial materiality of sound, within 'expanded music' installations and performances, to create mesmerising immersive environments. He pursues various ongoing solo projects (Trance Piano, Portal, Sub Terror, HHAARRPP) along with collaborative and communal projects (Theatre of Thunder, Super Critical Mass, Floor Choir) and curation (Mesmerism, Sonic State), and has appeared in festivals and exhibitions across Australia and the northern hemisphere.

Robert Journeaux

Robert Journeaux is an artist who works across genres who has appeared under different guises at local events Audiopollen, Upper Partialism, Real Bad Music and Oscillo Scape where he has offered up spontaneous moments of noise & sublime tonal meanderings.


Xynthya is the improvisational synth threesome of Mat, Samantha and Holly. Feeding off of each other to create sonic landscapes and textures, pushing the limits of their analogue synthesizers. Xynthya and its members’ other projects have performed at venues and events including Oscillo Scape, Audiopollen, Real Bad Music and What is Music.

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